Emma McAleavy

Program Operations & Community Manager

Emma is a program manager, marketing leader, and writer with 10+ years of experience. She cut her teeth in the Global Marketing Organization at Microsoft before heading to Mexico as a Fulbright Fellow. After Fulbright, Emma’s long-standing passion for journalism led her to The New York Times where she got to witness and participate in the crucial work of The Paper of Record. While the New York media world excelled at transcribing the events of the day, Emma observed a dearth of Big Ideas about how to solve the thorniest problems facing modern civilization. A desire to work on solutions led Emma to a series of startups in the healthcare, e-commerce, and blockchain industries. Ultimately, though, it wasn’t until encountering the Progress Studies movement, that Emma finally found the problem solvers she was looking for. Now, she is excited to support the work of pioneering Progress Studies writers and thinkers.