Our mission: To establish a new philosophy of progress for the 21st century, and to build a culture of progress.

Our vision: A society that regains a bold, ambitious vision for the technological future—one that we want to live in and are inspired to build.


Our programs are dedicated to helping create the intellectual base for the progress movement, and to building the progress community.

  • Our fellowship helps accelerate the careers of progress intellectuals, through training, promotion, and connection to a network of peers and advisors
  • Our annual conference brings together writers, builders, policy makers, storytellers, and students to meet each other, share ideas, and catalyze new projects
  • We build community online via resources such as the Progress Forum and the Progress Studies Slack

In addition, our Founder and President, Jason Crawford, writes and speaks about the history and philosophy of progress.



Jason Crawford

Founder & President

Heike Larson

VP of Programs

Emma McAleavy

Program Operations & Community Manager

Yel Alonzo

Executive Assistant


Patrick Collison

Founder & CEO, Stripe

Tyler Cowen

Author, Stubborn Attachments


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