Written by RPI

The Techno-Humanist Manifesto

A book presenting a new philosophy of progress for the 21st century

Announcing The Techno-Humanist Manifesto, a book by Roots of Progress founder and president Jason Crawford that lays out a new philosophy of progress. Here is what he wrote in his own announcement:

“Techno-humanism” is what I am calling that philosophy, a worldview founded on humanism and agency. It is the view that science, technology, and industry are good—not in themselves, but because they ultimately promote human well-being and flourishing. In short, it is the view that material progress leads to human progress.

The purpose of the book is to present a moral defense of material progress, and a framework the progress movement can use to understand what we are doing and why. It will present a bold, ambitious vision of a future that we want to live in and will be inspired to build. It will acknowledge, even embrace, the problems of progress, and point towards solutions. And it will show how progress can become not only a practical but a moral ideal—giving us a goal to strive for, a heroic archetype to emulate, and a responsibility to live up to.

This book is first and foremost for the scientists, engineers, and founders who create material progress and who are seeking to understand the moral meaning of their work. It is also for intellectuals, storytellers, and policy makers, to inform and inspire their thinking and writing. More broadly, it is for everyone in the progress movement, and for anyone who is curious to learn what we are about.

The first draft of the book will be serialized on Jason’s blog and on Substack, one essay at a time. The series will also be syndicated on Freethink Media, as part of their new Freethink Voices feature. For more details including a table of contents and planned publication schedule, see Jason’s announcement.

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